Friday, September 17, 2010

Worry worms!

I've been clicking my way around the Disney College Program forums, blogs, vlogs and FB page. Seeing all the people get accepted is always so exciting and the pictures they take with their purple folders! I'm sure I'll be screaming my head off if I get my purple folder!

There's just a small smidge of a problem...

Both me and my husband applied for the program and while everyone is waiting for one acceptance letter, we're waiting for two. If he doesn't get in, he wants me to go on without him since this is my dream but I couldn't go without him! I know he'll probably somehow get me to board that plane, fly across the country by myself and like it but I couldn't imagine going and not sharing the experience with him! I know he'd want to be there probably half as much as I would want to be there... but still!

Silly right? 

As excited as I am to be accepted, I know the excitement would be short lived if he didn't get accepted too. Maybe I'm worrying about nothing, maybe they'll love us both and accept us both. But in the event that they don't... 

I can't help but worry :(



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