Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm hardcore craving a choco dipped strawberry and a toffee slab. Mmm! But I'm too lazy to go out and get one.

I know I've been suuuper slacking on posts and I know I always say that but legit, there isn't much to say around here but even when there is, I'm usually too tired to update.

Worked 9a-3p at Candy Cauldron the last two days. As much as I suck at waking up early, it's always nice to come home while the sun is still up.

Yesterday it was just me, Matt, Honeyvie and Elizabeth opening. But it was a lot more eventful than today, we got Selma's in yesterday, yay! But today we ran out of white choco chip cookies. Whuuut. I know, right? Robby also spent all yesterday morning making Mickey out of our twist ties LOL! Honeyvie was waving it around like "it's a cat! it's a cat!" LOL! Also I save a ton of money by being at work early because I can't eat that early so I never finish my Chicken Parm sandwich from Nick's. Saving money right there!

After work went home and found a gift from husband on my night stand, a Cheshire Cat toy. One I wanted when we first got here. Aww, thanks love!

I wanted to treat him to Ohana but he called and they said they were all booked up and he didn't want to wait for an opening so we didn't go there. We decided to go to Animal Kingdom Lodge since we haven't been there yet and so we're waiting for the bus and this wicked STORM hits. Like, strong winds, rain, thunder, lightning, the whole thing just at the same time. It was insane, sounded like the sky was cracking open but it was relaxing and awesome. I loved every minute of it! 

So we get toe Animal Kingdom Lodge and didn't know there were two sides but OMG that place is beautiful! It's dim and relaxing and there's animals out back that you could watch. Amazing. We ended up eating dinner at Boma (now can cross that off the list) and man... should just waited on Ohana. We weren't impressed, that's all.

Today it's pretty hot and sunny out. Work was slow, boring, nothing interesting happened. The new caramel... I'm not a fan of. It puddles, not cool. I slightly regret not going to Earl's and Goofy's but man... the Maketplace is so far from West Side when it's like 90 degree's outside. And I didn't want to wait on another bus if I missed one. So I just went home. Husband was late for his bus so I spent a little bit of time with him at the bus stop. Poor thing. 

Going to attempt to make pineapple fried rice some time today. Was hoping to go to Wal Mart, but the bus stops running at 630 (yeah it's one of those days). Hate that. I also hate how it's like a million degrees outside but it's always freezing in my apartment! Can I get some room temp in here?! I'm having a war with myself about if I should go out today since I'm home early or just stay home and relax. Even though I know I should stay home and relax considering that I have two 9hr shifts ahead of me before my next day off *sigh* well at least I'll get to see that money! Unlike this week. Darn missing rent.

My cousins from the Philippines are at my parents house and I'm looking at their pictures and it's making me miss home so much. I have about 7 weeks left here in Orlando and that's insane to think about too. I miss home but I know I'm going to miss Orlando and Disney World so very much when I leave. I'm coming back, of course, but it's going to be so weird to be so far away from it all and from my friends. I should probably start packing and stuff now though lol. I know those 7 weeks will go by fast!

Also, inspections #4 (are we on #4?) is coming up next week. Ughhh. Inspections!

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