Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ahhh! Applied!

Working for Disney has been my dream my whole life. I'm a big Disney nerd, so much that everyone I meet knows that I am. I just love fairy tales, I love how everything about Disney is all about following your dreams and I love the history of Disney itself. 

I was previously in a culinary program and was set to see a presentation for working at Disney but I wasn't aware it was the college program! I wasn't able to attend the presentation because my career with that culinary program was cut short.

I discovered the college program a year or two ago searching up facts about Disney (which I sometimes do from time to time). It was always in the back of my mind, I don't know why I never really thought about applying... I think I was under impression that you needed a certain amount of credits or something! 

I was searching Disney songs a week ago, excited because Beauty and the Beast was finally being released (I waited 7 years for this)! And I found some tour videos of the college program apartments and vlogs. And so I started thinking about really applying. I looked over the site and I watched the e-presentation (I was planning on seeing a live one at a college campus in November but I just couldn't wait). 

I let it sit in annnnd... I gave in and applied last night!

They informed me saying that I have been identified as a strong candidate! How exciting!

Now all I have to do is call tomorrow morning to set up my phone interview. I'm nervous and I really hope I get this chance of a lifetime. I've never been to DisneyWorld and if I could work for Disney, my life would be complete!

I'm so excited :)



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