Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deployment, YOU SUCK.

Remember how last Friday I mentioned the bus was late? And how my leader was going to take care of it? 

Wellllllllllll.... I've been checking my report card all week and guess what. The half a point is still there! So I brought it up to my leader the other day after my friend who was with me that day said that she didn't have her half a point anymore and my leader said that she said she would call deployment and see what they could do. Apparently, deployment said the bus wasn't late and that they have some sort of leeway or some crap. Hello! The bus was half an hour late. What kind of bullshit is that?

It's a bit unfair when I'm at the bus stop 15 minutes before the bus is suppose to be there and the bus is late yet I have to deal with this bull crap! There's no use in calling deployment myself because they would still have to talk to my leader who would need to call deployment to get the half a point taken off. It's just madness. Seriously. If you look at my record card, I was only late once. Why would I lie about the bus being late if I'm never late? And especially when you KNOW the DTD bus has been late since everyone has been late at least twice in the last two weeks because of the bus!

It just really frustrates me.

Not only that but my husband called in sick yesterday because he doesn't feel good. And he's not the type of person to just call out of work. He'll go to work sick with a fever and chills. And so he checks his record card this morning and they have him down as a no call/no show. Uhm, what the fuck? He called in. The person on the phone verified all his information. Seriously, what the hell deployment?

Not to mention that the last time I ROS'ed, I had to wait like twenty minutes before a coordinater called to find out what was going. Turns out whoever they talked to at deployment forgot to put in my ROS. Seriously?

And this is why I'm not going seasonal. They don't pay me enough to deal with this crap.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Friday at DisneyQuest.

The Downtown Disney bus was late yesterday. By the time it was 20 minutes late, Amanda who was also waiting with me decided to just drive to work. Then we hit traffic and we were still late. I managed to dash to Quest and get up the stairs and end up only 7 minutes late. But the thing that sucks is that even if you're one minute late, you still get .5 points.

Thank goodness my leader took care of it. It's frustrating when you're waiting for the bus early and the bus itself is late, making you late for work and you have to get in trouble for something you tried to prevent. And lately the DTD bus has been late pretty much everyday for the last like, month and a half. 

The day was busy.

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over Quest is back to its usual programming.... Harry Potter movies in the break room.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh that storm? Welcome to Thursday.

I'm all for a good sky-cracking-open Orlando thunderstorm but today's... I wasn't a fan of.

I decided to leave early for work and have lunch at Rainforest Cafe. When we left the apartment it looked like it was going to rain, by the time we got to the bus stop, it started sprinkling, half way to Downtown Disney it was pouring. Lightning, thunder, the whole thing! A lifeguard got on at Typhoon Lagoon with no shirt on because he had to use it to run through the rain. He had amazing abs, but it wasn't like I wanted to rawr those abs, I wanted to know how he got them. I'm convinced I'm a boy stuck in a girl's body sometimes...

Anyway, by the time we got to DTD, it was insane. Not only was it raining really hard and not only was there like a 3 second gap between lightning and not only was the thunder sky cracking loud... but the entire parking lot was flooded. I went to costuming to see if I could get new socks, but they don't carry socks. Crap. So we just walked through puddles to Nick's Place. The worst puddle was right in front of my leader's offices, it didn't look like a deep puddle but it was deep enough to reach my husband's calf! So we went around and he had to carry me through the other puddles. OMG, insane. By the time we got to Nick's; my socks, shoes, jacked and bag were all super soaked. To make it worse, my bag apparently doesn't repeal water so everything in my bag got soaked too. Including my work shirt and my apron. I'm surprised my phone and iPod didn't suffer from water damage.

Ended up just eating lunch at Nick's. Which wasn't too bad, Nick got to meet my husband lol! 

Went to work and just like I suspected, the A/C was on full blast. I was freeeezing my butt off. Kim was trying to assure me that it wasn't that cold. Until I told her I was anemic and I spent the first 3 hours of my shift doing dishes and staying as close to hot water as possible. But still, I couldn't feel my hands and my feet. I didn't get my break until 3 hours after and decided to just ROS since they wouldn't ER me. I was literally shivering. Kim was offering hugs to warm me up but at that point I was just really really cold. 

I love Florida and I love the thunderstorms, but I can not wait to go back to California weather. This storm and these hours are starting to burn me out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July!

I didn't really have anything special planned for 4th of July this year since originally it was my day off alone. So I was going to celebrate by doing laundry (hey, it's Monday, Monday is laundry day), eating a patriotic cupcake and having my favorite cocktail at my favorite resort.

But my husband managed to get the day off with me. So the day was still spent doing laundry. Then we headed over to the Polynesian resort where I had my heart set on Kona Cafe but he suggested his favorite place -- 'Ohana. Now, 'Ohana is kinda like Chef Mickey's, it's almost impossible to get a reservation there. But since he suggested and he never really says "hey, let's go here." I decided to go with it. So we stood in the stand by line waiting for cancellations for about two hours before I decided to visit the sushi bar and get something to snack on (and OMG I've found a new obsession, will post a picture when I go back next week. Seriously, this sushi is amazing. Do I really have to leave Walt Disney World in 4 weeks?) and while I was waiting for my order he comes back and says it's okay we don't really have to go and I got sad cause I know how much he LOVES 'Ohana and he goes "because I got a pager!" jerk.

I spent most of dinner eating salad, bread and noodles. And shrimp. I'm not too crazy about 'Ohana like he (and almost everyone else) is but I do love their coconut pineapple bread and the shrimp. As soon as we were seated and the shrimps came around he asked for an ENTIRE skewer. So every time our server passed by he would pick on my husband about taking his whole skewer lol!

I'm sure he probably ate our entire bill in shrimp!

Finally got to try their talked about bread pudding which was really really good! But of course, the star of the dessert was the Mickey sprinkles in the back! I'm such a sucker for Mickey sprinkles!

Right when our dinner was ending, the firework show at Magic Kingdom  was starting like everyone in 'Ohana stopped eating and everyone was staring out the window. I should had taken a picture, it was kinda creepy haha! We raced downstairs to the beach and watched the fireworks. I have pictures, but they're on my other camera and I don't feel like switching them right now. I'm not a fan of fireworks but OMG, best 4th of July firework show I've ever seen. It hit me, I'm watching the 4th of July firework show in Walt Disney World and in that moment, my life was complete. Seriously, it was such an amazing feeling.

After the fireworks and a bit of pin trading we took the guest bus to Downtown Disney.

Paid a visit to my home store that I miss sometimes. I use to be one of the people who stitches the names on the back of the Mickey ears hats.

Went to Art of Disney next door and fell in love with this Sleeping Beauty trio set. $700. One day!

Then we made our way over to Westside to see how my friends were doing. Did some pin trading at D-Street and headed over to bother the people in Candy Cauldron production. It was Emily's second to last day so I was hoping she would be there.

And she was! Megan was there too. Were these the only two people in kitchen production on the 4th of July?! They put on a show for us and I snapped a bunch of pictures. It was funny cause Megan went into the stock room and pulled out the cotton candy machine cover and put it over Emily's head lol! Weirdo!

I was trying to see who else was back there and Emily swung the door open and I tried to get Justin to come out into the kitchen but he's in his D-Street costume lol. See Candy Cauldron's itty bitty stock room? To the left is the merchandise and to the right is our 3 compartment sink where we wash dishes. Yeah, not much room for walking!

But aw, my favorites!

And of course, the cupcake I mentioned. It was delicious. And the frosting is buttercream!

Give it a try next time you're at a Disney park. It's under $3 and it counts as a snack on the snack plan :)

Hope everyone had an awesome and safe 4th of July!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh Disney Quest...

Worked at Quest last night. I went a few months without working there for awhile, now I'm there at least once a week. I normally don't like working at Quest because it's usually really, really, really slow and boring but I guess since it's summer people have been flocking in like crazy. It's nice to finally have something to do in there but... the kids tend to wreck the entire place. It's insane. The Goofy's powder station is usually COMPLETELY wrecked by the time the rush passes. Not only is there a bunch of plastic wrappers from the tubes but there's sugar everywhere and on occasion there's toys/hats/etc on the station covered in the sugar. Yeah, it's pretty frustrating!

Last night was insane. The whole night was busy. My legs feel swollen! I didn't have time to stock much or sweep up the Goofy's station from how busy it was. Goodness! 

I have a friend who works in... I don't know where but I've known him for about as long as I've been at West Side and I don't know his name! Which bugs me because he knows mine lol. But he's a cool guy, I'm gonna miss all these random people I know when I leave...

The thing the sucked the most yesterday was my husband broke my umbrella the other day playing with it and so when I got off the CP bus for work yesterday it decides to rain. Awesome, right? Ruined my plans of getting Earl of Sandwich, again. So I went to Wolfgang Puck on West Side (I regret it now, shoulda went to FoodQuest instead) and I swear, they have the slowest service in the world! Wolfgang in Marketplace is awesome. But West Side? It took them half an hour to get me my to-go order. And this is the second time I've come here and the second time it's happened. AND she got my order wrong. Never again!

On the upside, Rose Marie praised me for filling out my paperwork right (it's the same way I always do it, but either way praise is always nice) and had an interesting conversation with Roberto from Mexico about books, parties and alcohol lol!

Now it's 5:30am and I can't sleep. Husband has already left for his receiving shift and blah. I'm so tired. The blisters on my toes won't heal and as much as I'll miss this place, I can't wait to go home and relax for once.

Friday, July 1, 2011

5 weeks left...

I can't believe my program is already coming to an end, it feels like I literally just got here. I have a little less than five weeks left of work and as of today, five weeks left in Orlando. 

I was on the bus ride home from Port Orleans last night (only took me 6 months to finally visit that resort) and it hit me, how sad I'm going to be when I close the door to my apartment one last time. How sad I'm going to be on the flight back home and how sad I'm going to be when I'm sitting in my own room across the country from my friends and from Walt Disney World.

This program has literally changed my life. These people have changed my life. These experiences, memories and struggles, have changed my life. This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I'm so happy that I did go through with it. 

I'm hoping to catch up on some blogging on Monday since I'm off and it's 4th of July. I'm debating on where to go since I'm trying to avoid the parks, I'm sure they will be packed beyond packed so I'm not even going to bother! I'll probably get a cupcake and dine at the Polynesian resort!

I seriously can not imagine my life without Magic Kingdom, Candy Cauldron, pin trading and buying choco covered marshmallows whenever I want :(

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