Monday, September 20, 2010


I woke up this morning to my husband's phone ringing, but of course he was too asleep to answer it. So I went back to sleep, woke up again and checked my email.

I saw an email from Disney with the subject "Your Invitation" and I screamed! My husband was still sleeping and I was jumping on him screaming "OMG I GOT IN!" He flipped over, said congrats, gave me a kiss and went back to sleep lol! He checked his phone to see if he got an email too, but he didn't, so he wasn't as excited. Even though I know he checked his phone, I logged into his email anyway. I didn't see anything in the inbox but he had a Spam message (and I have this thing where I have to clear out my Spam mail), so I checked it and it was an email from Disney with the subject "Your Invitation". I started jumping up and down and screaming again saying "OMG YOU GOT ACCEPTED!" He got up and was like "that's not funny" even though the cursor was hovering over the message.

Then he woke up and got excited with me haha!

He called his mom who he told when we applied but I didn't tell my parents yet because I didn't know how they would react. My mom doesn't understand that this is my dream and my dad thinks that anything over 10 minutes from home is "too far". But I called her anyway and told her and with her, as long as my husband's going she doesn't mind too much. But she liked the idea, so yay! 

OMG I'm so excited!! I also got my first choice: Merchandising! My husband got his third choice: Attractions. If you pay attention to the questions they ask you in your interview, you can kinda tell where they're leaning towards putting you. I actually thought I was going to get Food Service because she asked me a lot of hostess questions, but since I have the most experience in cash handling, she skipped those questions. But yay on getting my first choice! Ahhhh I'm so excited!

Now that fun part, the planning!



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