Sunday, September 26, 2010

This... heat!!

O.M.G!!! It's been so hot here the last two days, this is insane. The window is open, the fan is blasting and still the room is stuffy and hot! I had a really bad headache yesterday, which is still lingering around today but feeling much better. I think it's a dehydration headache... I'm horrible when it comes to drinking water (just this year I started drinking water, I don't know, I just... hate it lol) but I chugged down a bunch yesterday and I'm feeling much better today!

This worries me, I don't do well in heat, which is why Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons but isn't Florida always hot? Ughh. My husband keeps warning me about the humidity, as much as I hate heat, I'm sure I'll survive, I've been to the Philippines twice and trust me, nothing is more hot and humid than the Philippines... even when there's a thunderstorm everyone still has the windows open and the fans on from how hot and humid it is! Which brings me to a memory of a huge cockroach flying in through the window, clinging to the wall and flying back out. I mean, it was huge. Oh! I hear Florida has lizards indoors too! Just like the Philippines (I found a pair of eggs once and my cousin squashed them *sad face*)! I love seeing the little lizards crawling around. I'd prefer lizards in my house over spiders any day!

I'm still keeping the whole Disney World / Florida thing a secret from most of my friends, just because... I like keeping secrets! Well that and other reasons. I'm so excited! I started making a shopping list yesterday, I feel like I'm forgetting things... you know what sucks? I was hoping to go to Vegas for our one year marriage anniversary this year but I thought about how that $800 for a 4 day trip could really help when we move out to Florida instead... but of course, a part of me still wants to go to Vegas... for my Brisket Potato, Serendipity and of course to see my cousin! *sigh, we shall see.

I made a vlog today, which I'll be posting up after this. I just woke up when I made it, so excuse my... just woken up look lol!

Gosh this heat! >_<



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