Friday, September 17, 2010

Harsh, but true.

I told my previous supervisor (when I was working at Six Flags a few years back) that I did it, I gave in and applied for Disney and she was a bit harsh with the things that she told me, especially about my job performance from a few years back... but that's what you expect from here, the honest truth about what she saw in you as her employee. I do apperciate the advice she's giving me as far as what Disney expects and it's something I assumed, I know I can't slack off or not be my best when I'm at Disney. But I also have grown a lot since then and I am ready to take this job seriously.

While I'm still on the topic, I see a lot of people talk about how they come home late. Honestly, getting off work at 2AM is early compared to what it's like at Six Flags, my department wouldn't get off work until 6AM on busy days and we'd get in at 2 or 4PM. I mean, we all loved the double time, but I think -- well, no, after awhile you don't miss sleep as much. In fact those two years there screwed up my sleeping patteren. I was never sleepy, ever. I was never tired, because I was so use to being up and moving around and working all night. Getting off at 2AM at Six Flags meant that there was still time to go to a Bon Fire!

But I guess that's just the life of working at a theme park. Is a hard and tiring one, but it's also fun and rewarding!



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