Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I don't think it's sunk in yet.

I don't think it's sunk in that I'm going to Disney World just yet. I get random bursts of OMG I'm going! But I don't think it's fully sunk in yet. I am excited! I haven't paid my entrance fee yet but I will as soon as I can get to the bank. I'm debating on taking classes, but I'm not sure which ones yet. 

Totally off subject but I'm watching Witches from the 90's. This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, which is kind of ironic now that I think about it. It's funny whatching movies when you were a kid and watching them now, they're hardly what you remember!

Would it be too early to start packing now? :) I don't want to pack too much, but I don't want to pack too little either. I'm deciding over what books and clothes to bring and if I should bring anything else with me. 

Ahhh! Now I'm all excited I can't think and I want to start packing now! lol

So things I'm going to buy prior to the trip:
  • A Flip Cam (cause I don't own a camcorder, sadly)
  • A better Digi Cam (I plan on blogging about my experience as much as I can with pictures)
  • A router (this was highly suggested and I like my internet fast)
  • Slippers (nice cozy fuzzy home ones)
  • Flip Flops (cause I know my husband is going to drag me to the pool every chance he gets)

I had a few other things that have slipped my mind. I'm not sure if they provide us with towels and stuff like that... I know they don't provide us with bedding so maybe the same goes for towels? This sounds so silly to worry about, but it's essential!

I'm going to try to bring as much as I can with me on the way there, that way I won't have to worry about it when I get there. Even though flying with too much luggage is such a hassle for me. In fact flying with a purse and a carry on alone is too much for me. Ah.



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