Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was pretty excited to be able to work D-Street yesterday. Like I've mentioned, I'm a huge fan of Vinylmation's. And for the most part, I was having a rather fantastic day. The girls I worked with (and guys) were really nice and welcoming and helpful. I had fun sharing the surprise with guests when they opened their mystery boxes and trading with them and figuring out the science behind Vinylmation. I also got to talk to a guy who designed a few Vinylmation's himself that we have in our glass case.


When it came to closing, that's when the day started to go bad. It might not be a big deal but the vending machine took my $5 so I didn't have dinner. I had two bags of chips and half an Almond Joy (and when husband and I went back after my shift to get my stuff from the locker -- which is ghetto and so is the bathroom -- my $5 wasn't stuck in the machine anymore, someone took it!). 

The closing manager wasn't very friendly. She's a bit demanding and she talks indirectly to you which I find rude especially when she's ordering you to do something. If you're going to order me to do something, at least look at me when you're talking to me. If there's four of us in the room, how do we know WHO you're talking to? So I go straighten up the store and I go into the back room and manager goes "You. Take out the trash." I've never worked in this location before, I don't know how things go. She got mad at me for opening a roll of nickles 15 minutes before closing (I only had 5 nickles left) but at my main location, we're require to open all the rolls of coins so I thought it was okay. It would be nice if the managers let us know how things work in THEIR store instead of ASSUMING we know. Cause we don't!

So I gather the trash and I tell her I don't know where it goes. She does her indirect talking again and tells me that it goes over by Disney Quest. Okay? So... do I just leave it next to the Disney Quest building?? So she tries telling me where to go and which doors to go through and which turns to make... uhm? If you see behind Disney Quest, it's like a maze back there. It's 12:30AM, do you think I really care about the directions you're giving me? Especially after the way you're talking to me? No. I don't.

So she tells me to wait for someone from the zone to show me. So I'm waiting at the door. Like she told me to.

Next thing I hear is yelling and boxes being thrown around. My co-worker who was standing by that door was telling the manager that I've never been to this location and even she didn't know that the boxes had to go out. And so she motions for me to get over there and the managers like, messing up all the boxes and telling me it has to go out. You know, you could have just kindly told me that the boxes need to go out too.

It's just insane. There aren't any managers in this zone that you really want to be in the room with. They're all really grumpy and irritated all the time. And that's pretty sad. I can't wait to go back to my main location. I'm going to give every manager and coordinator a big huge hug and tell them to never leave me.

Husband and I decided we won't be extending. While I think the college program is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, some things just aren't really worth dealing with more than once. 

I'm not looking forward to the rest of this weekend since it's suppose to be busy cause of some holiday. Then there's inspections (gosh this week sucks) and I just got done scrubbing down the stove and the counters in the kitchen. I moped the bathroom and front door area yesterday, husband moped the kitchen a few hours ago. I need to tidy up the living room and our room, vacuum and get the trash and laundry ready for tomorrow so things will go smoothly. I also need to get ready for work soon. Fantastic. Just fantastic. 

I'm gonna buy myself a Vinylmation or two. And plan a spa weekend. I deserve it.

I'm also going to be starting "Eating Around The World" at Epcot! I don't know if I'll make a different blog for that or keep it here.

Friday, February 18, 2011


The time I have been dreading has come... Inspections.

Our building is set to have inspections in a few days. We're not ready. It's a little hard to clean up the place when we both have different work times and one of us (not pointing any fingers) doesn't pick up after themselves. Another thing that sucks is that when we got here, the apartment wasn't clean in the first place! So it sucks to have to be expected to have this place spotless when they didn't bother to do the same for us before our arrival. Seriously, if I had to rate this apartment 1-5, it would be a 2. If this was a hotel, I wouldn't even think about staying here again. I'm tired of calling maintenance, they always leave a mess behind. I'm tired of everything breaking. I'm tired of how filthy this place is. It makes me want to scrub down the walls. And it's just so cramped in here. I don't get how two people are expected to live in this apartment. This isn't even an apartment, it's a room

I shoulda just asked for Patterson. But that's a long walk to the bus stop.

On to happier things... the housing event for Wicked has been posted and YES I reserved my spot. I'm also going with my friend Kyle to see it again :). You know me, I can't see Wicked just once!

A friend of mine came to visit me at work last night. She's married too and her hubby is also in the program so they hung around and we talked for awhile. Kinda surprised me how easy it was to talk to her. I'm not a very social person!

I'm scheduled for D-Street today, which I'm excited for. I LOVE their costume and I'm obsessed with Vinylmation! D-Street is pretty much a store dedicated to Vinylmation. So while I'm excited, I think it's a horrible idea, I may want to buy the whole store!

Our 40% off is over, boo! So I haven't been buying anything. Not really worth it without the 40% off!

I'll be catching up on entries on Monday night or Tuesday. Let's hope the inspections go over smoothly.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I thought my schedule for this week was a little odd.

So I go clock in to work like I normally do and... it's telling me that I can't clock in that location and to try the following locations. All the listed locations were in Disney Quest. So I was a little confused considering I had never been to Disney Quest. I ask one of my leaders what was going on and he told me I had been deployed. Uhm, what the hell does that mean?

I ended up having to go to costuming to get a new costume and I had to somehow make it from costuming to Disney Quest. Of all places, why West Side? That's like, at the very tip end of everything. My shins hurt from trying to get to work on time. Only to be an hour late. Luckily I was cut some slack but man. Ow, my shins. Most stressful afternoon of my life. I seriously wanted to break down and cry multiple times while trying to figure out how to get to Disney Quest.

CP's, check your locations not just your times!

I was wondering why I wasn't showing up on the schedule sheet to Memories this week! It looks like I'll be spending the next few weeks all around West Side. Which worries me a little, it's super far from cast services. I really don't like the looks of this. It's funny cause I was just telling my husband how I wish we rotated locations (since my zone doesn't rotate me) and now that I'm magically placed in a zone that does... I miss my store! I miss my zone! I miss my friends! I miss my cool and friend coordinators. *sad face*. I'm excited to  be working at D-Street, but not so much the other locations.


Oh, Happy Valentines Day all!

It looks like all the married people are working today and all the single people are off. Odd right?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seriously? This place is falling apart!

So when we moved in, our shower was broken and the shower drain was clogged. We got that fixed. Then our hot water blew out. We got that fixed. And now the chain to our toilet flusher snaps. Seriously? Maintenance should probably just camp out our front door! Seriously, this is insane. I'm tired of calling Maintenance. Most of the time they trash the room they're in trying to fix. It's seriously irritating. I don't feel like coming home to a trashed bathroom tonight. Debating over calling them so they can fix the toilet while I'm at work today or calling tomorrow when I can watch them. 

Ugh, we're not even home enough to have things just break out of nowhere!

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