Thursday, January 13, 2011

So very tired.

You know, when I read other peoples CP blogs, I always wondered how you could be too tired to blog. And thought maybe they just didn't care enough to but... MAN. MAN OH MAN. The last few days have been SO tiring and hectic. Seriously, I'm sore, I'm tired, I just want to sleep. For the next week! My husband's been really tired too, he's been falling asleep on the floor while waiting for me to get done showering. Keep in mind, I only take like 15 minute showers!

I really wish I could post a totally detailed blog with lots of pictures of all of the awesome that is Florida and some helpful tips for Casting and Check In... but the truth is, I'm too tired. I had my first official clock in day today for orientation. Got my costume (which I'm not a huge fan of, but it's not that bad either), they give you like five pairs but they also give you a locker. I stuck half of mine in my locker. I don't need to bring all five pairs home! My husband got his work location... and it's an awesome ride that I love. I won't say what it is, in case he doesn't want me to. But his costume is pretty cool. He gets a jacket. I don't have a jacket, what's up with that Disney? I get cold all the time!! And can I just say that the Bippity Boppity has the best costume ever? Super cute.

Spent some time in Magic Kingdom. It was almost dark when we got there, so that wasn't much fun. I'm planning on getting autograph books (I get one every time I'm at Disneyland) and those collectible coin books and fill them up (I'm actually really excited about this one). I was walking around backstage with a "first time" pin and my name tag lol! Oh and I watched "Wishes" backstage behind the castle. It was amazing. Simply amazing!

I was going to say something and it totally slipped... oh! I hate the dryers and washers here. The washers are so icky. It's like years of soap build up in the soap thingie and the washers/dryers look so 80's! Also, the dryer shrunk our clothes! I don't know which setting to use, it's not like there's much of a description and you only have like 3 or 6 options to choose from. You'd think they'd be able to upgrade that stuff.
In happier news though... they fixed our shower. Thank goodness!!! 

Okay, I'm getting warm and fuzzy. I better get to bed. Even editing pictures is making me more tired. I'll try to write a better update soon guys.



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