Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peter Pan... Tiana.... Cinderella... what?!

Okay, first of all... I'm really tired. I got off work early because I had an eLearning thing but I didn't get home as early as I thought I would... since I got home an hour after my shift. Damn you buses.

So I spent the day at Disney University, and I LOVE that building! The Heroes and Villains wall? Amazing! We did some eLearning stuff and did some register training. Stuff I already know oh so very well. And I had lunch at Magic Kingdom. I decided to go because 1) I was hungry and 2) Husband keeps talking about it so I went.

And I passed by Tinkerbell on the way in. In her hoodie and her fixed up hair. She's really short. Shorter than me. Could I audition for Tink? Maybe not. Damn being blind without my glasses. So I go in and I'm walking around in circles cause I'm confused and I don't know what to eat and... Peter Pan passes me. He's not in full costume but he has his red hair and his really cool hat. And now I'm wondering if his hair is real or a wig. And he was really cute. *ahem*. So I finally get food and I'm sitting a table away from Peter Pan who's having lunch with Tiana and her prince. It's so crazy. I look to my right and the step mother from Cinderella is having lunch with her daughters. Crazy!!! And of course, as I'm leaving, I pass by Cinderella.

This place is awesome. But really, this is going to take some getting use to. I'm kinda glad I don't work in Magic Kingdom... husband tells me stories about the princesses behind scenes and I know they're normal people and all that but come on! I think I'd be a little traumatized if I witnessed things lol. Oh, I was totally going to take a pic of the characters but I thought that'd be rude. And creepy. So I didn't. However, if Flynn was there.... who different story. I would walked up to him and been like "I totally know you're a normal person and I totally know you're on break.... but foreal, can I get a pic?" Haha!
I hate my schedule for next week, seriously. I'm unhappy. Well no, not really. I lied. But I'm not excited about it. Ergh. I hate closing. Seriously, I really really hate closing. Anywhere. :(

I'm going to go read, while I still have time.

Laundry day today. Why does the laundry room have to be so far?! Argh. And I need more juice. I need to get to Target and the mall too, somehow. Now I'm rambling. So sleepy and hungry. But I just ate. Wth.



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