Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney's Hollywood Studios & Shopping!

What the hell, my neighbors are nailing things to their wall? At least, it sounds like it. I thought we couldn't uhm, do that....

Days are so busy and eventful here in Florida!
I had my tier 1-3 training the last few days. Fun stuff. Learning the basics, meeting everyone (coolest managers, EVER), getting to know my store, and playing with a cash counter machine during close. Oh how I miss those! I wonder what Cash Control is like at Disney World, it seems much more organized than Cash Control at Six Flags. So yeah, that was fun. I'm slowing getting the hang of counting change backwards (the Disney way) to customers and I need to work on not being scared to approach kids. I'm not good with kids, I know, but I'm serious. So far customers have been very understanding about the fact that I'm training, which is really sweet.

Yesterday we had a huuuuge thunderstorm in the early morning. Seriously, it sounded like the sky was splitting open. Never heard anything like it. Good thing it didn't rain the rest of the day, husband and I went out to Disney's Hollywood Studios!

We walked around, since I've never been there and OMG, Toy Story Mania? Their wait time was 110 minutes for standby. That is INSANE! Didn't get to see too much, we went to catch the Beauty and the Beast musical. Which was okay, it was the way sped up version.

I wish I had brought my better camera! I was in such a hurry to get out the door I wasn't thinking!
We tried to find our way to the Swan Resort, but being that it was night time, it was hard to figure out where we were going. So I Googled it and I guess walking from The Boardwalk would had been easier. Welp, so much for that thought! So we went to Downtown Disney so I could go shopping!

We had dinner at Rainforest Cafe because there was no wait! Whooohoo! I got one of those frog cups for kids, my husband thought it was silly but I think it's cute! We had our usual, the sampler which is delicious! And I had clam chowder, which was also good. It was kinda funny cause we got our cast members discount but the added tip was just as much as the discount lol! So much for that!

Went to pin traders to get my pins. They didn't have the Tangled pin set anywhere in DTD! We saw a bunch of them at Hollywood Studios! Argh. So I got the kiddie guys and the villains pin set instead. Right now cast members have 40% off (oh how I wish it would stay forever) so my $70 purchase went down to $40, whoohoo! And I got a secret key pin. For every $30 purchase you get it for $1. I know what my new obsession is going to be lol.

Then we stopped by my store and I got a magnetic notepad, my frame and a pair of earrings. All for a pretty good price! I didn't get my autograph book or my pens, boo. Maybe tomorrow? :D Walked around some more, oh! Went to Tren-D! That place is awesome! Annnnd....! I got a cool comic book-ish Alice in Wonderland hoodie and an Alice in Wonderland tote (which was twice the price at home than it was in Tren-D, crazy right?)! I'm so excited! Went to World of Disney, it was so crowded in there! And went to Basin, didn't find much I wanted there. I was tired by that point too lol. So we went home.

 Not looking forward to my 6AM shifts, I don't even know how that's going to work since it takes me an hour to get home from work and one of the nights they have me there til 11PM. Ugh, I'm going to be so sad. I already am! Gerrrr. I miss my car.

Alright, now off to make lunch and clean the apartment! My husband keeps telling me that when they do inspections they tear your apartment apart (like the military), I haven't heard of anyone say that but he says that his trainers had that happen to them. Anyone know if this is true?



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