Friday, January 28, 2011

Feeling a little better...

I woke up this morning well rested, thank goodness.

Husband made me make lunch by myself, saying I needed to learn how. You pop stuff in the oven, how hard is that? Besides that I get lazy? He was a little off today, almost put on his jeans instead of his work pants. I'm glad I didn't get Attractions lol.

Maintenance came and fixed our water heater yesterday. The hot water went out the other night in the middle of my shower. That's where the burning plastic smell came from too, not a totally good sign. At least by the time we got home the hot water was running again. But maintenance left a huge mess behind. Which sucks. I didn't have much to eat yesterday, which is why I was bummed about ruining dinner. I did try Wolfgang Puck though. I only had their mashed potatoes and their chicken noodle soup.

Had a Rocky Road shake from Ghiradelli too ($3 whoo! Cast Member discount)! Probably not the best thing to drink with this meal, but whatever! The chicken noodle soup wasn't that great. I prefer Earl of Sandwich (but they don't have it available that often). The mashed potatoes.... whoooo! They were delicious. Creamy and everything. Not all that great when cold, but really good hot.

I'm going to ask if I can get off early today since I have another 6AM shift. And we all know how well that went last week. At least I get off early after. I'm going to have to make stop at Wal Mart and I'm planning on spending the rest of the day at Magic Kingdom. The only thing is... I kinda find it a hassle to get to Magic Kingdom and it's the weekend, so hopefully it's not too packed. I'm only planning on taking a walk around since I haven't really been there (during the day) yet annnnd maybe stopping by Sleepy Hallow to treat myself to a funnel cake :). I'm thinking of taking a bunch of pictures too and stalkingmyhusband. What? Who said that?

I'm thinking of things to send home. I think the autograph/picture book idea is awesome. But I don't know how long it would take to fill up two of those things or how hard. But it could be fun :). Wish we had more time off or earlier shifts so we still had time to do things after work. Oh! I guess doing a meet and greet would be easier in trying to get one of those done, wouldn't it? Hm. There's still lots of places I want to go to and lots of things I want to see, but never enough time. Pooh.

Time to load up the dish washer (again), vacuum and get ready for work!



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