Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not cool Florida, not cool!

I finally found a Chase bank in Orlando and I finally made it to the Florida Mall! Horray! 

We took the A to TCC then took the Lynx bus to the mall. I was told that the bank was across the street, but that's not really the case (though there is a Lollicup across the street, didn't expect to see that outside of CA). It's across the street but down the street to the next shopping plaza. Which can I just say, is awesome? They have a Panda Express, Chipotle, Cold Stone, Ulta, Petco, TGIFriday's, Publix, and a bunch of other stuff. I went lightweight shopping at Ulta and had Panda Express for lunch. Ohhh sweet junk food!

Went back to the mall and did some shopping; got my chocolate strawberry gems from Godiva, a few stuff from Bath & Body Works... mostly an air freshener for the living room, shoes and a perfume from Payless. I didn't get anything from LUSH (I moved out and I still can't take bubble baths, lame) or MAC (smallest MAC store I've ever seen) and I couldn't find anything I really wanted at Sephora, besides my Pink Sugar perfume but I decided to get that later.

The mall is pretty small, it's one floor and it kind of reminds of Great Mall, where you just walk in a huge circle. They have a KFC express which means no mashed potatoes, honey BBQ wings or pot pies... wth? I was so close. Argh. Is there a KFC in Orlando?! I'm missing my fast food! Oh I also got new jeans because I don't fit a size 1 anymore. No, I'm not kidding, seriously, I've never been anything over a size 0 and now that I'm 25 I'm hitting a size 2. It's insane and I'm pretty excited about it! Being a size 0 sucks.

We were leaving the mall and it started raining so as we're walking across the parking lot, it starts POURING. Out here when it rains it pours! We were soaked half way to the bus stop and it was just across the parking lot! OMG. It was storming like I've never seen before! Then the thunder and lightning hit. If you told me three months ago that I'd be standing at a bus stop in the middle of a freakin thunderstorm, I'd tell you that you were trippin. But there I was. Waiting for a bus in a thunderstorm. Not very princess like is it? Growing up sucks. At least the bus seat was heated.

We got off at TCC again and took the A there instead of at Disney Uni, in case it was crowded. So that saved a ton of irritation. We got off at home and as we were walking to the apartment there was a bright as flash of lightning and I was like "OMGOMGMOGOMG" and loud thunder. I actually screamed haha. But I have to admit, being outside and witnessing that was pretty awesome. Thunderstorm > Wishes. Haha! But really, it was cool.

It wasn't so cool when we got inside and realized we were soaked, our shoes were soaked, our bags were soaked and ugh.

And of course, it would be bright and sunny and happy today! Sad part is, this type of weather is normal here. Back home it would be bi-polar.

Going to Panera Bread with husband before work. Yipee! I miss Panera Bread! I live like 3 blocks away from it and I never have time to go (how depressing).



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