Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deployment, YOU SUCK.

Remember how last Friday I mentioned the bus was late? And how my leader was going to take care of it? 

Wellllllllllll.... I've been checking my report card all week and guess what. The half a point is still there! So I brought it up to my leader the other day after my friend who was with me that day said that she didn't have her half a point anymore and my leader said that she said she would call deployment and see what they could do. Apparently, deployment said the bus wasn't late and that they have some sort of leeway or some crap. Hello! The bus was half an hour late. What kind of bullshit is that?

It's a bit unfair when I'm at the bus stop 15 minutes before the bus is suppose to be there and the bus is late yet I have to deal with this bull crap! There's no use in calling deployment myself because they would still have to talk to my leader who would need to call deployment to get the half a point taken off. It's just madness. Seriously. If you look at my record card, I was only late once. Why would I lie about the bus being late if I'm never late? And especially when you KNOW the DTD bus has been late since everyone has been late at least twice in the last two weeks because of the bus!

It just really frustrates me.

Not only that but my husband called in sick yesterday because he doesn't feel good. And he's not the type of person to just call out of work. He'll go to work sick with a fever and chills. And so he checks his record card this morning and they have him down as a no call/no show. Uhm, what the fuck? He called in. The person on the phone verified all his information. Seriously, what the hell deployment?

Not to mention that the last time I ROS'ed, I had to wait like twenty minutes before a coordinater called to find out what was going. Turns out whoever they talked to at deployment forgot to put in my ROS. Seriously?

And this is why I'm not going seasonal. They don't pay me enough to deal with this crap.



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