Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July!

I didn't really have anything special planned for 4th of July this year since originally it was my day off alone. So I was going to celebrate by doing laundry (hey, it's Monday, Monday is laundry day), eating a patriotic cupcake and having my favorite cocktail at my favorite resort.

But my husband managed to get the day off with me. So the day was still spent doing laundry. Then we headed over to the Polynesian resort where I had my heart set on Kona Cafe but he suggested his favorite place -- 'Ohana. Now, 'Ohana is kinda like Chef Mickey's, it's almost impossible to get a reservation there. But since he suggested and he never really says "hey, let's go here." I decided to go with it. So we stood in the stand by line waiting for cancellations for about two hours before I decided to visit the sushi bar and get something to snack on (and OMG I've found a new obsession, will post a picture when I go back next week. Seriously, this sushi is amazing. Do I really have to leave Walt Disney World in 4 weeks?) and while I was waiting for my order he comes back and says it's okay we don't really have to go and I got sad cause I know how much he LOVES 'Ohana and he goes "because I got a pager!" jerk.

I spent most of dinner eating salad, bread and noodles. And shrimp. I'm not too crazy about 'Ohana like he (and almost everyone else) is but I do love their coconut pineapple bread and the shrimp. As soon as we were seated and the shrimps came around he asked for an ENTIRE skewer. So every time our server passed by he would pick on my husband about taking his whole skewer lol!

I'm sure he probably ate our entire bill in shrimp!

Finally got to try their talked about bread pudding which was really really good! But of course, the star of the dessert was the Mickey sprinkles in the back! I'm such a sucker for Mickey sprinkles!

Right when our dinner was ending, the firework show at Magic Kingdom  was starting like everyone in 'Ohana stopped eating and everyone was staring out the window. I should had taken a picture, it was kinda creepy haha! We raced downstairs to the beach and watched the fireworks. I have pictures, but they're on my other camera and I don't feel like switching them right now. I'm not a fan of fireworks but OMG, best 4th of July firework show I've ever seen. It hit me, I'm watching the 4th of July firework show in Walt Disney World and in that moment, my life was complete. Seriously, it was such an amazing feeling.

After the fireworks and a bit of pin trading we took the guest bus to Downtown Disney.

Paid a visit to my home store that I miss sometimes. I use to be one of the people who stitches the names on the back of the Mickey ears hats.

Went to Art of Disney next door and fell in love with this Sleeping Beauty trio set. $700. One day!

Then we made our way over to Westside to see how my friends were doing. Did some pin trading at D-Street and headed over to bother the people in Candy Cauldron production. It was Emily's second to last day so I was hoping she would be there.

And she was! Megan was there too. Were these the only two people in kitchen production on the 4th of July?! They put on a show for us and I snapped a bunch of pictures. It was funny cause Megan went into the stock room and pulled out the cotton candy machine cover and put it over Emily's head lol! Weirdo!

I was trying to see who else was back there and Emily swung the door open and I tried to get Justin to come out into the kitchen but he's in his D-Street costume lol. See Candy Cauldron's itty bitty stock room? To the left is the merchandise and to the right is our 3 compartment sink where we wash dishes. Yeah, not much room for walking!

But aw, my favorites!

And of course, the cupcake I mentioned. It was delicious. And the frosting is buttercream!

Give it a try next time you're at a Disney park. It's under $3 and it counts as a snack on the snack plan :)

Hope everyone had an awesome and safe 4th of July!



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