Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh Disney Quest...

Worked at Quest last night. I went a few months without working there for awhile, now I'm there at least once a week. I normally don't like working at Quest because it's usually really, really, really slow and boring but I guess since it's summer people have been flocking in like crazy. It's nice to finally have something to do in there but... the kids tend to wreck the entire place. It's insane. The Goofy's powder station is usually COMPLETELY wrecked by the time the rush passes. Not only is there a bunch of plastic wrappers from the tubes but there's sugar everywhere and on occasion there's toys/hats/etc on the station covered in the sugar. Yeah, it's pretty frustrating!

Last night was insane. The whole night was busy. My legs feel swollen! I didn't have time to stock much or sweep up the Goofy's station from how busy it was. Goodness! 

I have a friend who works in... I don't know where but I've known him for about as long as I've been at West Side and I don't know his name! Which bugs me because he knows mine lol. But he's a cool guy, I'm gonna miss all these random people I know when I leave...

The thing the sucked the most yesterday was my husband broke my umbrella the other day playing with it and so when I got off the CP bus for work yesterday it decides to rain. Awesome, right? Ruined my plans of getting Earl of Sandwich, again. So I went to Wolfgang Puck on West Side (I regret it now, shoulda went to FoodQuest instead) and I swear, they have the slowest service in the world! Wolfgang in Marketplace is awesome. But West Side? It took them half an hour to get me my to-go order. And this is the second time I've come here and the second time it's happened. AND she got my order wrong. Never again!

On the upside, Rose Marie praised me for filling out my paperwork right (it's the same way I always do it, but either way praise is always nice) and had an interesting conversation with Roberto from Mexico about books, parties and alcohol lol!

Now it's 5:30am and I can't sleep. Husband has already left for his receiving shift and blah. I'm so tired. The blisters on my toes won't heal and as much as I'll miss this place, I can't wait to go home and relax for once.



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