Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Friday at DisneyQuest.

The Downtown Disney bus was late yesterday. By the time it was 20 minutes late, Amanda who was also waiting with me decided to just drive to work. Then we hit traffic and we were still late. I managed to dash to Quest and get up the stairs and end up only 7 minutes late. But the thing that sucks is that even if you're one minute late, you still get .5 points.

Thank goodness my leader took care of it. It's frustrating when you're waiting for the bus early and the bus itself is late, making you late for work and you have to get in trouble for something you tried to prevent. And lately the DTD bus has been late pretty much everyday for the last like, month and a half. 

The day was busy.

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over Quest is back to its usual programming.... Harry Potter movies in the break room.



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