Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspections #2 and 6 days.

It's storming today. Thunder came out of nowhere at like 2am this morning. Ruined my plans of going to Magic Kingdom for some Tavern and Celebration Fudge. Apparently it's going to be storming all week. Which is weird considering how HOT and HUMID it was YESTERDAY. I don't think I'll ever get use to Florida weather.

We have our second inspections coming up and the apartment is a complete and utter MESS. I tried getting all the bigger organizing done last week but that kinda failed so yeah. At least the laundry's done. Well, half of it anyway. Gahh. I only have today and tomorrow to clean this damn place up. I guess it's a sign. Rain = I don't get out and have nothing else to do but clean the damn place up for inspections. Awesome. Flippin awesome.

I'm working six days this week. Which isn't that bad, I guess. I kinda need the money. I'm just curious to know how grumpy I'll be at the end of the week. All closing shifts too. It's kinda funny cause I hate closing but as soon as I get home after closing I'm wishing I was still at work. I hate being home. Kind of. 

Husband pulled me out of bed yesterday morning to catch the first bus to Wal Mart to get a 3DS. Ughh. But I got my Nook Color, so I'm happy. Early bday gift for myself. Nothing else I really want besides a case of Villains Vinylmations.

Speaking of, if the rain stops at any point today I'll probably make a quick trip to Downtown Disney and trade a keychain. Hopefully they still have either the Friday the 13th one or the skull one. Or I'll just buy 'em. Whatever.

Work has been good, busy. Not really much else to really say. Mickey's Groove is closing this week, Park #6 Vinylmations is released this Friday and I'm being trained for Candy Cauldron next week. That's pretty much all.

Now on to cleaning this place up!



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