Friday, March 18, 2011

Our internet is down.

This is probably the longest week, ever

I had a 13hr shift for the first time on Wednesday at Mickey's Groove. Which pretty much means I had a 13hr shift at pin cart. And it was true. At least Alexis, Yarissa and Kelli were there! Even though Kelli was out to destroy me with that damn light saber. I swear she was! Had 6hrs at Quest yesterday with Pedro (who has wayyyy too much energy) and... damn I keep forgetting her name. It got super busy at one point and this lady wants two mugs shipped to her resort, I forgot to key in to ship to the resort so I had to return everything and do it over. But! I can't do my own returns so I had to wait for someone to do it and she got really impatient because she was going to miss her show (Cirque) and she cut in and asked Pedro to help her. Lady, you see it's busy. Why do people do things super last minute and expect miracles? I was super tired all day. Good thing I got two sandwiches at Earl's, I didn't have to make dinner when I got home and I went to sleep.

My allergies are kicking my ass. I've been waking up with a stuffed up nose and teary eyes. My left eye is swollen. I can't take Claritin until 1. Erg.

Our internet has been out for two days now. We called front desk yesterday and they said some apartments are under "routine maintenance". For two days?! Blah!

I need to find some time to go to Wal Mart before Monday. My work times are so off. Wouldn't be a big deal if I had a car. It just sucks that if you work at 4pm, you have to catch the bus at like 245pm. The bus times are off sometimes too. You're either an hour early, 12 minutes early or 2 minutes late (and you have to factor in the time it takes you to put your stuff away and GET to work. Plus the break room on West Side to to the actual store you're in is like a 3 minute walk).

I didn't mean for this entry to seem like an ever ending rant. I just feel like crap right now. Damn allergies. I'll have happier entries as soon as I get time to edit the pictures are write them.


ºoºSheenaºoº said...

Hi Hazel :)!
I'm so glad I found your blog... Yours is the only one I found where you are married and your husband is doing the CP, too! My husband and I both want to do the program, but I didn't know it would be possible! Thanks so much! -Sheena


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