Friday, December 3, 2010

35 Days left...

It's now December and I have less than 60 days left. Still haven't packed. I guess I don't really want to because I don't really want to admit I'm leaving home. Sounds silly right? I have this amazing chance to live my dream job and I'm here, homesick. I'm a little envious of my husband at the moment. He's beyond excited, he's not homesick... but then again this time last year he was coming home from Basic Training and I guess anything is better than Basic Training...

I made a list of things I'm going to have to buy and pack. Well the packing list was a rough outline, I'm going to have to think about it a little more, I have a habit of over packing and when you're flying, that probably is not the best idea. From what I hear there isn't a Target nearby so I'm gonna have to stock up on my Target only holy grail products and bring those with me. You never realize how much useless crap you have until you have to move. Isn't that weird? 

I can't believe how close we are to Christmas! I mailed off one of my two Secret Santa packages yesterday (in some in the middle of NOWHERE post office. Seriously, the mailing office was the smallest I've ever seen and there was only one employee!) and I'm going to mail the second one before class next week. I finally found mini Lotso bears at the Disney Store! Thaaaank goodness! The one I bought my Secret Santa didn't smell like strawberries. So my husband was on the search for one that smells like strawberry. He's cute when he's determined over something that isn't his problem! And since Disney Store right now has buy one get one free plushies, I got a mini strawberry Lotso for myself. I didn't like his character, but man he smells good! I wanted a medium The Clawwww alien plushie but husband decided it would be better if I waited til we get to Florida and that I'm cuddling with Cheshire on the plane. Period. Hmph, fine.

I've been having plane nightmares. See, normal people have nightmares that the plane is going to crash. I get nightmares that I'll forget my Earplane ear plugs. Yes, it's true. That's my worst flying fear. I get insane pain in my ears when the plane lands. Like OMG-MY-EARS-ARE-BLEEDING pain. I think it has to do with a damage tissue in my nostril that I never got fixed... well, I'm paying for it now! My mom tried giving me regular ear plugs and they worked, it's just hard to tell how to get them in your ears. So I looked it up last year, before I had to go fly to Texas for my husband's Basic Training graduation. See, flying with my husband is fine, he knows I get these pains and he usually squeezes the crap out of my ears and lets me dig my nails into his arm. But I was going to fly with my sister in law who has no idea. And I discovered Earplane which is an ear plug designed especially for my reason. Tried it out on the way to Vegas, worked great! I also read the Suddefed is suppose to help too, to help clear up any nasal problems. I'll try that too (wish I had earlier to see if it works).

So other than all that, trying to figure out how to pack everything comfortably and how to pack things away in my room are a priority. On the upside, two more weeks of classes and I'm free! So I'll have more time to focus on packing and getting my paperwork together.

We're almost there guys!



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