Friday, November 19, 2010


It's 55 degree's today in the Bay Area and it has been gloomy and wet out. I've been bundled up on my bed all day, it's freezing! I love winter, I do. I love the holidays and all that great stuff but today I'm just not feeling this cold weather. I had plans weather! Plans to clean and start lightweight packing! As much as I love winter, the thing I hate the most is how it looks like it's 8PM at 5PM! I always assume that once it gets dark, the day is done(ish). Ah my hands and fingers are cold!

Someone mentioned that Florida was 20 degrees last January. If I'm freaking out and sporing up over 55 degrees... what does 20 degree's feel like?! Oh no!

I'm going to pack all my fleece and flannel blankets! I'm not taking any chances!

Also, I've been looking through some Disney food blogs and it's making me so much more excited to be at DisneyWorld already! But it also makes me sad that I won't get to celebrate Christmas in Disneyland or in Vegas like I had planned earlier this year (husband doesn't want to spend our first wedding anniversary in Vegas this year because he would rather us save the money for DisneyWorld *sigh). That's pretty depressing. I am excited that it's almost DisneyWorld time though!!

Now let's hope that I actually do get some sort of packing done before we go and that I survive the plane ride there! I need to figure out a way to lessen the pressure ear pain since the flight will be long enough that I might fall asleep...



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