Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I totally fail.

Oh mannn I totally fail at updating this blog (and every other blog I have. I fail at Tweeting, come on now, like that takes time)! It's been crazy busy here because of Grad Night weeks and the heat is moving on in. It's been SO hot and humid here lately that some days I just can't stand it! And everyone keeps saying it gets worse in August! Could it REALLY get worse than THIS? 

I have so much to update on!! My birthday, things that are going on and the formal that was last night! I don't want to cover those things because I want to make a separate post so I'll just update on the things that are going on.

The Spring semester is ending in about a week and a half and that's just so hard to believe. It feels like we just got here and I say that because if I had not extended, I would be going home in ELEVEN DAYS. That just blows my mind! It's already May?! But just because I'm not leaving doesn't make it less sad. ALL of my friends on West Side are leaving. I think there's about 3 or 4 of us that are staying. A few people have "end of program" over their work times on the schedule and it's just a damn reminder that they're leaving soon :( I'm seriously sad! I love the people I work with, I love the new friends I've made and it's hard to imagine West Side without them. Kinda makes me wish I had extended into a different area or into something else. Even though I love West Side.

Husband extended into Merch so that's exciting. It's his last week or so at Buzz so I took a bunch of pictures of him today there and a few with some of his friends. He's going over to Hollywood Studios, pretty exciting, at least I think so. I wonder where they'll deploy him to!

Someone stole 17 Muppet Vinylmations from D-Street the other day. From what I heard they left the boxes in the case but took the Vinylmations. How the hell they got away with that is beyond me. And why would you leave the boxes?! I think putting new releases by the door are a bad idea. I mean I get the purpose, but I don't think there should be that many boxes up there.

I still think Pin Cart should had followed Mickey's Groove and went away.

I've been hanging out with Kiersten a lot lately and going to Micky D's with Betsy a lot too. I'm going to miss West Side Micky D's trips.

I washed my clothes and forgot I had a BBQ sauce in my pocket (I checked ALL of my pockets except my hoodie, wth was I thinking) and I got BBQ sauce ALL OVER my clothes and towels. I was suppose to re-wash everything today but I had no money for laundry. Why can't it just take debit like everything else. Ugh. I'm so upset right now. 

Did I mention a girl my husband works with asked him to the formal? She knows he's married, she's hung out with me a handful of times and always acts like she's happy to see me with her hugs and crap but... asks my husband to the formal. Oh and then, the next day, she invited him to hang out with her at the pool. Uh, what?

What else?

Lately I've been breaking out like crazy. But you didn't need to know that. 

I'm going to go resize pictures and make a post about the formal now lol.


Logan said...

People used to do that at Traders at Epcot all the time. They leave the boxes so you don't see anything amiss when you look over at the Vinylmation display. It was very very annoying. People also like to open the boxes to see if the vinylmation they need is inside, but they don't realize there's a FOIL BAG covering the actual figure.

It made straightening up the store at night very annoying. Right before I left they moved all of our Vinylmation to one of our outdoor kiosks. I'm so glad I left before I really had to work that. I'm sure it was a mess. Vinylmations get stolen enough when they're INSIDE. I can't imagine how many went missing at that kiosk.

Hazel said...

It IS very annoying! I can't believe people think you just open a box and BAM Vinylmation. No, it's wrapped. Hello!

I think I know which one you're talking about. There's a kiosk before the fountain that has boxes of Vinylmations. I think it's an odd thing to put them outside. Because like you said, a ton of them go missing or damaged INSIDE where there might be cameras. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to deal with being outside!


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