Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring 2011 graduation.

We graduated!! 
Graduation was over the span of 3 days last week. Or was it the week before? I don't remember. But since we had extended, I wasn't expecting a diploma! I went to check if I had one when my boo thang Patrick went to pick his up. Originally I wasn't planning on going but since I had one, I had to go!

It's just weird. When I arrived here, it was a week or so before the last program's graduation and I remember being annoyed cause at the time I worked at World of Memories and all these people came in wanting their graduation ears (the one's I'm wearing) stitched and now it's my graduation? Where the heck did time go? I always thought the people who didn't update their blogs once they got to Orlando just didn't care enough to. But I was wrong, you literally don't have time to do much once you're here. I mean people make time to like party and club and stuff (but you're moving). But when you're sitting about to write a blog, you'll fall asleep. No joke. I don't know how many times I've sat here with my blog open and just fell asleep. The only time I legit have time to clean my apartment is when I'm skipping out on a few hours of sleep before inspections. It's crazy out here!

Last week Betsy, Yarissa, Daria and Priscilla left West Side. And today is Alexis, John and Kendra's last day. It's so weird not having these people around anymore. Like I'm at Quest this weekend and with everyone gone... who the heck am I closing with?! Then next week all my friends from Thailand will be leaving and the week after my Kiersten will be leaving :(. Time has definitely traveled way to fast. I feel like we all just got here!

Husband has switched over to Merchandise, he actually had his Merchantainment class this morning so that's pretty exciting. I'm a little jealous though cause he's in a location that has confectionery and for them, after 30 days they're kitchen trained. Yeah, doesn't work that way on West Side. I've been there for 2 months and I'm not kitchen trained. But I've been having a great debate with myself the last few weeks over if I should ask to be or not. I love being on the floor but it would be cool to be kitchen trained too... ah, I dunno!

I think I have new neighbors. Cause the people downstairs are either screaming and yelling or spending all night slamming doors. Ugh.



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