Friday, February 18, 2011


The time I have been dreading has come... Inspections.

Our building is set to have inspections in a few days. We're not ready. It's a little hard to clean up the place when we both have different work times and one of us (not pointing any fingers) doesn't pick up after themselves. Another thing that sucks is that when we got here, the apartment wasn't clean in the first place! So it sucks to have to be expected to have this place spotless when they didn't bother to do the same for us before our arrival. Seriously, if I had to rate this apartment 1-5, it would be a 2. If this was a hotel, I wouldn't even think about staying here again. I'm tired of calling maintenance, they always leave a mess behind. I'm tired of everything breaking. I'm tired of how filthy this place is. It makes me want to scrub down the walls. And it's just so cramped in here. I don't get how two people are expected to live in this apartment. This isn't even an apartment, it's a room

I shoulda just asked for Patterson. But that's a long walk to the bus stop.

On to happier things... the housing event for Wicked has been posted and YES I reserved my spot. I'm also going with my friend Kyle to see it again :). You know me, I can't see Wicked just once!

A friend of mine came to visit me at work last night. She's married too and her hubby is also in the program so they hung around and we talked for awhile. Kinda surprised me how easy it was to talk to her. I'm not a very social person!

I'm scheduled for D-Street today, which I'm excited for. I LOVE their costume and I'm obsessed with Vinylmation! D-Street is pretty much a store dedicated to Vinylmation. So while I'm excited, I think it's a horrible idea, I may want to buy the whole store!

Our 40% off is over, boo! So I haven't been buying anything. Not really worth it without the 40% off!

I'll be catching up on entries on Monday night or Tuesday. Let's hope the inspections go over smoothly.



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