Monday, February 14, 2011


I thought my schedule for this week was a little odd.

So I go clock in to work like I normally do and... it's telling me that I can't clock in that location and to try the following locations. All the listed locations were in Disney Quest. So I was a little confused considering I had never been to Disney Quest. I ask one of my leaders what was going on and he told me I had been deployed. Uhm, what the hell does that mean?

I ended up having to go to costuming to get a new costume and I had to somehow make it from costuming to Disney Quest. Of all places, why West Side? That's like, at the very tip end of everything. My shins hurt from trying to get to work on time. Only to be an hour late. Luckily I was cut some slack but man. Ow, my shins. Most stressful afternoon of my life. I seriously wanted to break down and cry multiple times while trying to figure out how to get to Disney Quest.

CP's, check your locations not just your times!

I was wondering why I wasn't showing up on the schedule sheet to Memories this week! It looks like I'll be spending the next few weeks all around West Side. Which worries me a little, it's super far from cast services. I really don't like the looks of this. It's funny cause I was just telling my husband how I wish we rotated locations (since my zone doesn't rotate me) and now that I'm magically placed in a zone that does... I miss my store! I miss my zone! I miss my friends! I miss my cool and friend coordinators. *sad face*. I'm excited to  be working at D-Street, but not so much the other locations.


Oh, Happy Valentines Day all!

It looks like all the married people are working today and all the single people are off. Odd right?



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