Sunday, November 14, 2010

Booked and booked!

I finally booked my flight and hotel yesterday. Ahh! This makes it feel so much more real! I can't believe I'm going to DisneyWorld!! I'll be arriving a few days early since I get horrible ear pains when planes land and considering that my flight will be over my usual 2 hours, I can only imagine how painful that will be. But! I will be testing a theory my husband has and not chew gum. He thinks that's the reason why my ears pop so painfully. We'll see (wish me luck)!

I know I've been super lacking with the entries here, but I haven't had much to say since school has been kicking my butt (I finally passed Psych!) and I haven't had much time to clean and start packing yet. Which I really, really, really should get a move on! I have so much stuff. Just, everywhere! I have a ton of books (I'm a book blogger) laying around that I know I won't be able to bring with me... which worries me. So yes, I've been making a note of things to clean, toss, donate and bring with me. Now to just actually do it. The good news is that I only have weeks left of school and I'm officially on break! So I'm hoping to get a ton more done in December (which is way too close to leaving date but hey, what can you do).

Ahhhh! I'm so excited!! Now if only I can stop getting home sick at night!



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